Halloween & Fall Event Sweeping

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Halloween & Fall Event Sweeping

children receiving Halloween candy in costume at a Trunk or Treat event

Every year there are many outdoor events celebrating the Halloween and Autumn Festival season. These include Trick or Treating, Trunk or Treat events, Fall Festivals, Chili Cook Offs, and any number of other seasonal celebrations. One thing all of these celebrations have in common is that they are outdoors. This means that there is usually significant litter and debris to clean up from paved surfaces afterwards. A sweeping truck is by far the most efficient, and safe way to clean up paved surfaces after a special fall event. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning are the Autumn clean up experts.

Cleaning Paved Surfaces Thoroughly & Efficiently

A sweeper with a single operator can quickly, efficiently and safely clean large paved areas much faster and more efficiently than a team of people picking up litter by hand or using buckets and pickers. A sweeper will also do a much more throrough job of removing small items and liquids that tend to be missed during manual litter and debris clean up. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will clean your lot thoroughly and efficiently, leaving it spotlessly clean and ready for the next event.

COVID19 Challenges & Safety

Fall special events have had to adapt to many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include requiring social distancing, regular sanitizing of hands and surfaces, and wearing masks. These have created a significant new problem-discarded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies. These items are potentially hazardous to remove from paved surfaces by hand using traditional methods. Power Sweeping by Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning ensures that these items are removed quickly and safely to reduce potential safety and public health risks.

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