Halloween Property Prep

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Halloween Property Prep

parent taking their daughter trick or treating. The daughter is dressed as Snow White

October is here, and we are all beginning to think about Fall and Winter Holidays. First up: Halloween! The costume shopping and trick-or-treat events are exciting! However, your property may not be prepared. Even if it is ready, you need to plan ahead so it doesn’t end up worse for the wear.  So much to think about. A little spooked? Don’t be! Let’s talk about Halloween property prep.

Pothole Repair

With extra people on your property, it only makes sense that you assess your need for pothole repair. Potholes pose a danger to both pedestrians and vehicles. Keep hazards to a minimum by calling us to make repairs on a schedule that suits you. Our infrared pothole repair is quick, cost-effective, and simple! We will fill potholes efficiently to minimize potential trip-and-fall incidents on your property.  

Special Event Safety

Harvest Festivals or Trunk-or-Treats taking place on your property call for extra care and attention to detail. Anytime you expect extra children on the property, this is the case. Call our experts at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to walk your property with you and observe any hazards. We will plan repairs for the hazards and help you strategize other safety measures. Our traffic control crew can set up traffic cones or even be on-site to direct traffic during your event. Whether a sales event or an exciting themed event, our team is here to meet your traffic control needs. 

Special Event Beautification 

In preparation for Halloween events, we provide other commercial services that add to the appeal of your property. Full exterior pressure wash will cause your building to look its best as patrons arrive. We will also wipe down benches to provide clean seating for children or elderly. Need lighting maintenance? No problem. We can provide all these services and more. Ask for a free, specialized quote that includes all your Autumn maintenance needs. As we beautify your property for events, you enjoy the side benefit of being prepared for the rest of Autumn as well! Don’t delay in handling your commercial maintenance checklist. Hand it off to Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, and it won’t occupy your mind another day.

Leaf Sweeping

We expounded on leaves in a previous post, but it bears repeating. Leaves on your pavement must be removed. Accumulating leaves look unkempt and can cover dangerous debris or hide contaminants. The debris and contaminants eventually find their way into waterways.  We can add leaf sweeping regularly or just before your big event. Your needs determine your specific plan. Contact our team for a quote.

Halloween property prep really is not too spooky after all. Attend to potholes, prepare for event safety, beautify all of your surfaces, and prepare for leaf removal. None of these items need to be on YOUR to-do list, however.  Involve the experts at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, and we can handle it! Our team will happily provide you with a free quote for all your needs in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. Metro area.