Don’t Bulk Up!

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Don’t Bulk Up!

stack of unsightly empty pallets on a city street

When we say “bulk up”, you probably think about muscle. Protein shakes, long sessions at the gym, muscle shirts, and sweat! For better or worse, that is not the type of bulking up we are chatting about today. Without a plan in place, bulk trash can take over parking spaces, loading docks, and other areas of your property. Tenants or squatters leave trash behind. Loiterers litter bulky trash next to trash cans or dumpsters. Eventgoers bring and leave behind debris. Make sure you don’t bulk up in your parking lot! Plan for junk and bulk trash removal through the following checkpoints.

Tenant Trash

After a tenant leaves or is evicted from your property, what becomes of their trash? It is yours to manage. But you already have enough to manage! Let us handle it for you. Our team will return your property to pristine condition, ready to host the next tenant. We can provide you with a free estimate so you know exactly what to expect. When work is complete, we can also provide before and after pictures, guaranteeing a quality job. Leave the junk removal to us; now, you can focus on finding that new tenant!

Abandoned Property

Sad as it is, people often leave their property on your property – making it your problem! Abandoned property near dumpsters or behind buildings creates a mess that is not easy to clean up! Mattresses, wooden pallets, and other large items are difficult to carry and transport to a dump. If not removed, they accumulate and lead to further dumping or vandalism. Let us remove the abandoned items so you can focus on your to-do list!

Event Debris  

Events on your property are “all fun and games” until they are over. After the event, you find large leftover items you were not expecting. You have neither the time or ability to transport these items for proper disposal. What do you do? Of course, you call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. Ideally, you can schedule a sweep and large debris removal ahead of time. We will be on site when your event ends to ensure a quick cleaning and junk removal.

Daily Task

Unfortunately, you cannot always predict when junk and bulk trash will accumulate on your properties. If you are a property manager with multiple locations to keep track of, you cannot be in two places at once. Our team at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is a great partner for you! We will service your property’s daily sweeping needs and alert you immediately of bulk items. If you prefer, we can simply haul them away and notify you when hauling is complete! Talk to one of our team members today to set up an arrangement that fits your needs.

When it comes to your property, don’t bulk up! Letting your property collect large debris obstructs its proper use! Call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today to set up your regular sweeping and debris removal. We guarantee clean properties in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. Metro Area!