The Effects Of Heat On Asphalt Pavement

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The Effects Of Heat On Asphalt Pavement

With Memorial Day approaching, the summer season will soon begin. Your parking lots and entryways are exposed to high heat and UV radiation throughout the sweltering summer. The effects of heat on asphalt can result in a variety of problems. Numerous services provided by Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can assist you in resolving these problems all year long.

Heat On Asphalt Affects Pavement Markings

Your parking lot surfaces, line stripes, and markers will fade more quickly due to the UV radiation from the intense summer sun. As the asphalt surface gradually turns from a deep black to a bland grey tone, it loses its appeal and strength. Because they instruct drivers on where to drive and safely park their vehicles, line striping and markings are quite significant. Crosswalks, fire lanes, and parking spaces for those with disabilities are other significant marks.

The procedure of asphalt sealcoating gives your parking lot a rich, black appearance again and shields it from UV rays, moisture, and numerous car fluids. Remember that any previous markings are covered by this procedure. requiring the purchase of fresh line markers and other marks. We can assist at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We offer complete asphalt maintenance services.

Long-term UV exposure can degrade pavement, and if it isn’t maintained regularly, water can seep in and ruin it permanently. Investing in professional asphalt sealcoating every two to three years is the best preventative approach. Sealcoating creates a weatherproof barrier that keeps the cost of parking lot replacement out of your budget for a longer time.

Heat On Asphalt Leads To Cracks

As temperatures change, asphalt will compress and expand. You’ll probably notice more cracks and potholes in your parking lot since hot asphalt expands. Additionally, rigid pavement may start to sag in hot weather. Thankfully, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers asphalt restoration so you can maintain your facility’s property value and curb appeal.

Before the chill of autumn sets in, we strongly advise preemptive pothole and visible crack repair. Otherwise, as the cold weather approaches, your asphalt parking lot will start to shrink. The asphalt surface gets further harmed as a result.

You will start to see more damage from freezing and thawing cycles as the weather changes. In order to be ready, fill potholes and mend cracks throughout the warmer months.

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