How Regular Sweeping Affects Storm Drains, Inlets, and Catch Basins

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How Regular Sweeping Affects Storm Drains, Inlets, and Catch Basins

A storm drain grate blocked with autumn leaves

With spring rains a fact of life, and more summer storms on the way, it is very important to ensure that your storm drains and inlets are ready to handle the heavy rains that are inevitable. Storms bring the potential for flash flooding, which can be devastating for your facility. To avoid costly and time consuming flood damage, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers services that can help mitigate the severity of stormwater issues.

Schedule an appointment today for an assessment of your paved surfaces, storm drains and catch basins. Following an inspection by our experienced staff, we can make recommendations for regular sweeping and cleaning services to help keep your storm drainage infrastructure clear.

Regular and routine inspections are the easiest way to avoid potential problems from catching you unaware. A build-up of deferred maintenance will only cost you more in damage and repairs in the long run. Don’t let this happen to your facility. Instead, call the pavement maintenance experts at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning.

Cleaning inlets and storm drains will also enhance the overall look and curb appeal of your property or businesss, increasing its value and leaving a great impression on your customers and potential clients.

We Are The Pavement Maintenance Experts

Our crews also provide pavement repair, pothole patching, line striping, crack filing, seal coating and asphalt and concrete repair services throughout the DC Metro Area. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health and look of your property. At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, our goal is to make necessary maintenance projects obtainable for commercial property managers.