In Honor of Earth Day

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In Honor of Earth Day

A view of the earth from space

You have seen ads for Earth Day and tried to be proactive. This year, you swapped plastic bags for reusable ones. You have been careful to properly dispose of litter for as long as you can remember. Recycling is a favorite pastime of yours. And composting became your new hobby this year! However, have you considered how regular Parking Lot Sweeping can benefit the Earth? In honor of Earth Day, take a few minutes to ponder how Sweeping your pavement benefits our planet.

Honor the Wild

Property owners and managers regularly consider pest control. No one wants vermin inside their store or patrolling their parking lots at night. Yet, do you give the same consideration to the “pests?” Animals of all types deserve to live on a planet free of trash. We do not want them coming into our homes and shops; let’s do our best to keep our trash out of their homes. Trash your customers leave in your parking lot overnight will eventually make its way into the wild. No matter how urban your setting, animals are affected by trash left by humans. Schedule nightly parking lot sweeping today to be sure you leave no trace of trash in your lot. Keep your trash out of the wild with parking lot sweeping and cleaning through Atlantic. 

Honor Waterway Health

Because we are egocentric creatures, we tend to forget that the Earth is made up primarily of water! We do not dwell there, so it is easy to forget that others do. Fish and other water-dwelling animals are affected by what we do on land. More specifically, they can be affected by your un-swept parking lot. As we all learned in Finding Nemo, “all drains lead to the Ocean.” That includes your storm drains. Debris, dirt particles, and even vehicle oil can make their way into your storm drains and eventually into our streams and oceans. If your property is under construction, you are at even greater risk for contributing to storm-water pollution. Let us help you develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for your property. 

Honor A Clean Community

Litter encourages more litter. Trash that piles up invites more trash to pile up. Communities that are not well-kept are self-perpetuating. On the flip side, a clean parking lot encourages more cleanliness. Trash cans that are emptied regularly provide a perfect place for litter and keep it out of the wild and waterways. As you implement a sweeping and cleaning strategy for your parking lot, you will encourage cleanliness among your patrons. Your efforts to honor the Earth will encourage the efforts of others to do the same. Your community will become cleaner and greener.

Do not let another day go by before you contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning; honor Earth Day by letting us create a sweeping & cleaning plan for your property. Your patrons and future patrons will thank you for investing in this place we all call home.