It’s Time To Celebrate!

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It’s Time To Celebrate!

A large group of people on a hillside at sunset celebrating by throwing hats into the air

Believe it or not, May is upon us! Summer is on the horizon. It’s time to celebrate! Graduations, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Summer vacations bring more traffic to your parking lots. So while your patrons are getting ready to celebrate, you may be stressing! No need for that if you have Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning on your side. We can help you prepare and repair in a variety of ways for all of the celebrations that lie ahead.

Prepare to Repair

Like it or not, those cracks and potholes won’t repair themselves. They only get bigger and can lead to slip and falls or flat tires. And you really do not want to handle an upset tenant or patron in the midst of these busy months. So give Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning a call today to address your menacing pavement issues. We will work with your schedule to the best of our ability; those repairs will be completed before you know it!

Sweep in a Beautiful Celebration

Interior decorators prepare for celebrations with more decorations. But in your parking lot, less is more. Less trash leads to more contented tenants and customers. Schedule an extra sweep or two leading up to local graduations, Mother’s Day, and before the big Memorial Day sales! This May will be a busy month for your parking lot, so make sure you are prepared. Sweep in a beautiful celebration with extra sweeps! Following the celebrations and events, you will want a pavement reset; schedule extra sweeps after major happenings on your property to be sure business returns as usual.

Don’t Forget the Daytime

Parking lot sweeping needs to occur when customers are not present for a variety of reasons; but did you know Day Porter services can occur during the day, just like the name states? Trash on the sidewalks and overflowing trash cans are an indicator that you need to consider Day Porter services. During a month like May when commercial properties are extra busy, day porter services are necessary to prevent litter. Our crews can keep your parking lots and sidewalks tidy. Customers arriving at your restaurants to celebrate their graduate or parent will be welcomed in by a pristine parking lot. Patrons visiting your stores to purchase food and decorations will be unhindered by litter. Our day porter crew will usher in a lovely welcome to your customers.

Manage Your Traffic

Extra traffic is a great problem to have! But it is a problem. Parking lot signage and pavement typically help mitigate traffic issues. However, during major events and celebrations, you may need a traffic control crew. Lucky for you, our crews at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning are prepared to help! Our extensive experience controlling traffic during pavement repairs makes us your premiere choice. We will listen to your needs and even meet you at your property to make a traffic control plan. With our traffic control crew on your team, pedestrians and drivers alike will be safer.

There is no way around it: May is a busy month! But with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning on your team, there’s no need to stress. We will help repair and prepare all of your properties in the D.C. Metro area. So before it’s time to celebrate, contact us today!