Let Freedom Ring!

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Let Freedom Ring!

American flag waving and fireworks going off for Independence Day

Let freedom ring! Sizzling pavement, dripping popsicles, blasting fireworks, and melting s’mores all mean one thing: the 4th of July is here! The quintessential holiday weekend is a favorite of many. And certainly in the nation’s capitol, we celebrate like no one else! Despite many difficulties, this nation is truly a beautiful land to be celebrated. As you celebrate this Independence Day weekend, we hope you stay safe and enjoy a wonderful holiday. But before the celebrating begins, take a minute to read our 4 tips for your property this 4th of July.

Tip #1: Think Safety

Will your parking lots will be hosting events, or do you expect an increase in traffic to your area? Be sure to hire a traffic control crew. Traffic control minimizes the risk of accidents during high traffic times. Additionally, personnel on hand can quickly report any occurring incident. Don’t leave your parking lot understaffed this holiday! Call us to see about last minute traffic control.

Tip #2: Post Signage

You may think it is silly to communicate to patrons via signage, but even simple signs can improve safety. Place “No Smoking” signs in highly visible areas. Post signs directing people to trash receptacles (maybe add a few trash receptacles as well!). Mark temporary parking areas specific for this event. These are only a few examples, but we hope it gets you brainstorming specific signage needs for your property.

Tip #3: Be Prepared

Celebrations are great, but you need to be prepared for a mess to follow. Be prepared with parking lot sweeping! If you are not already on our list of regular nightly sweeps, call now. Seriously, pick up the phone right now, and let us add you to our sweeping schedule. When business returns to usual, you don’t want your parking lot to look run-down and unkempt. Don’t worry. We got you.

Tip #4: Be Patient

Especially if this is your first 4th as a property owner or manager, you may not realize this little truth: whether planned or not, 4th of July “events” will occur on your property. Loiterers may use your property to shoot off fireworks, leaving behind debris. Scheduling a sweep for the day following the holiday is great, but you may want to be patient. A day or two later, some people may still be setting off fireworks. These celebrations take time, you know! Remember that we will be here for you to sweep away the mess whenever it occurs – whether it be now or July 31st!

As parking lot and pavement experts, we want to address every need you have this holiday weekend. If you are unsure if you are prepared, give us a call to discuss your needs. We would love to help you rest easy and enjoy this 4th of July. Independence is not something to be taken for granted, and neither is the cleanliness and safety of your property. We make your parking lots in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Metro our top priority. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is here to keep your property pristine.