Let it Snow!

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Let it Snow!

tree lined city street covered in snow

December is here, and snow should be on everyone’s mind! Not because you have necessarily seen it where you live, but because everyone is singing about it. Whether you have ever seen a white Christmas or not, you are probably enjoying Christmas movies that let you vicariously live out the experience. Yet, as a property owner or manager, winter weather may give you some level of anxiety. Will your tenants want to remain open during snowy weather? In Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. area, it may be a necessity that they do! Take a minute to read our winter weather preparation tips. Once you have Atlantic Snow Contractors on your team, you will be gleefully singing “Let it Snow!” with the rest of the world.

Snow Removal

Snow is beautiful until it blocks your sidewalks and parking spaces. Patrons to your lot need to be able to safely access your place of business. Atlantic has been removing snow for businesses since 1977! Our team of experts will bring our plows to remove any pile of white stuff standing in your way. We maintain and operate our own trucks, loaders, skid steers, and spreaders, so you are not stuck waiting on us to borrow or rent equipment. Additionally, we have back up equipment waiting for when break downs occur! No amount of winter weather will keep your business from running when we are on your team! Do not wait until the snow has fallen to plan for removal. You want to be on our list so your businesses can be up and running again quickly. Our winter contracts are highly personalized to suit your exact needs. Contract with us today and make us your snow removal partner.


When the weather outside is frightful, snow is not the only culprit. Ice often causes just as much or more delay in business re-opening. A paved parking lot doesn’t mean much if patrons cannot enter the store due to icy walkways. Ensure that this is not the case for you by contracting Atlantic Snow Contractors to apply de-icing agents to your sidewalks. You can be sure all your masonry is safe, as we use only the best masonry safe de-icing products. Avoid slip and fall claims from customers. Contact us today at (703) 684-1095 to discuss making our de-icing measures a part of your winter weather plan!

Trust the Experts

You trust Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning with your property year-round. Our snow division, Atlantic Snow Contractors, will provide you with the same level of professionalism and care that you are accustomed to. We are excited to bring our skills and experience to your property so that white stuff does not leave you feeling weighed down. You can feel lighter knowing we are on the job, de-icing the walkways and removing the snow. It will be business as usual, just with a little nip in the air and frost on the panes. Enjoy the flurries and flakes a little more this year, knowing your property is already taken care of by Atlantic Snow Contractors.