Holiday Property Maintenance Plan

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Holiday Property Maintenance Plan

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Your halls are decked, and your calendar is full! Everything about this season keeps us on our toes, right? What about your retail properties? When it comes to their maintenance, are you on autopilot? If so, here is your wake-up call! Excited shoppers, holiday restaurant parties, and longer retail holiday hours require an updated holiday property maintenance plan. Let’s explore some areas that may need ongoing care as you make your way through December.


Streetlights, store lights, and any other outdoor lights you may have need to be changed regularly. This is always true, but December brings an added urgency. The success of your tenants and the safety of customers depends on good lighting. Longer holiday hours require lighting for more hours each day. Therefore, it is likely you will need to schedule lighting changes more frequently. Ask our team at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to make this a part of our regular maintenance. That is one less thing for you to think about!


Cracks or small potholes, crumbling concrete, damaged signage… these things do not take the holiday season off! Though it’s unfortunate, it’s true. A pothole or other property damage communicates a lack of care. Especially during the high-dollar retail season, you cannot afford an eyesore or dangerous damage. The minute you notice an area in need of repair on your property, call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. Your need to focus on other things this time of year. A rapid repair ensures that you can do that. 


Every area of your property is sure to see more litter due to longer operating hours this month. How do you plan to manage the cleanliness of your parking lot? Give us a call at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We can help you determine your busiest days in need of an extra sweep. Sweeping regularly will prevent litter build-up, as well as pollution to waterways. A clean lot also helps prevent loitering, vandalism, and dumping. Tenants and customers will be grateful for the increase in safety. Flexible sweeping hours are most important this time of year with the longer retail hours. Aren’t you glad we thought of that? Our single engine sweepers are quieter than average, enabling us to sweep any time that is convenient for you. Your properties in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area will be pristine all holiday season with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning.

Only you know all the additional needs you have this season. Extra events, holiday fairs, sale days, etc. may require a traffic crew or extra signage. We can provide it all! Contact us today to talk with a member of our crew about your needs. You will be amazed at how much stress a holiday maintenance plan relieves! This December, focus on the ones you love. Let Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning focus on your property. A holiday property maintenance plan with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is your key to a relaxed, successful holiday season.