Pavement Winter Maintenance

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Pavement Winter Maintenance

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Winter is here, which means that people and pavement need to be prepared for cold temperatures and inclement weather. For you and I that’s as simple as breaking out the winter coat, winter hat, scarf, gloves and boots-but what does it mean for your parking lot? Here are a few tips to help with preparing your commercial paved surfaces for the winter. Good winter preparation means fewer problems and repairs when springtime comes.

Plan In Advance

Preparation is the biggest key to a successful winter pavement strategy. It is crucial to get ready for the inclement winter precipitation in advance. Well planned scheduled maintenance will help make repair issues less pressing, and significantly less expensive. Here are a few tips to help you get through the colder months:

#1: Thoroughly Clean Before Winter Weather

A thorough cleaning gives you an opportunity to evaluate the condition of your parking lot. Debris and leaf removal helps protect your pavement from damage, but it also gives you an opportunity to identify cracks, water pools, and any other issues that need to be repaired before the snow hides the problems.

#2: Clear The Snow

Regular plowing and shiveling keeps the weight of damaging snow from damaging your commercial pavement–in addition, it keeps the sidewalks and parking areas clear for customers and employees.

#3: Prepare Yourself

Have a plan, and a backup plan-and the number of a snow removal service. In the event something comes up, also be preparedto address emergency repairs. You can’t rely on the winter weather to break long enough for a full repair, and may have to do an emergency fix until a permanent repair can be completed when the weather warms.

#4: Use De-icing Products Carefully

De-icers can be a huge help in keeping your walkways and parking lot safe for people and cars, but are not necessarily goof for the environment. There is also the issue that certain de-icers can damage the pavement. Choose the products you use carefully to minimize impacts to pavement and the environment. There is a substantial range of products out there with different levels of effectiveness and varying possible downsides.

If you need help with winter pavement cleanliness and repair, contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today!