Winter Weather & Sweeping

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Winter Weather & Sweeping

Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services by Atlantic Snow Contractors, LLC

Winter storms are a fact of life in the Washington D.C. area. The bitter cold, harsh winds, snow, and ice make the winter season a challenge to us all. The slippery conditions can present a multitude of hazards to drivers and pedestrians alike.

Our partners at Atlantic Snow Contractors provides snow removal services. If you need snow removal services, contact!

Removing snow by plowing, and applying ice melting agents such as rock salt or brine are a critical part of making roads passable and safer for motorists. Unfortunately, these agents slowly weaken and destroy pavement as time passes. As a pavement maintenance decision maker, what is the best way to maintain parking lots and drives after inclement winter weather? At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, we have the answer-regular sweeping services. There are a plethora of good reasons to employ sweeping after a round of winter weather. Some of these are:

Ensure Longevity of Paved Surfaces

The performance of regular sweeping services ensure the long term durability, viability and longevity of your paved surfaces after winter weather wreaks its havoc on the pavement. Sweeping services help protect the longevity of asphalt after a brutally cold and snowy winter. The sweepers we employ at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning spray water on the pavement to ensure particles are swept from the road surface completely by the brushes. It isn’t adviasable to wait for spring to schedule sweeping services. The most effective approach to ensure pavement longevity is to proactively sweep after each and every winter weather event to prevent further damage.

Sweeping Is Environmentally Friendly

Sweeping is a proven method to ensure a longer serviceable lifespan for your pavement. Unbeknownst to many, sweeping also has a positive environmental impact. Sweepers are able to proactively remove road salt, ice melt, and other pollutants before they are washed into storm drains. This keeps potentially harmful substances out of our waterways. This helps protects our watersheds from the negative fish and wildlife impacts of pollution and sudden spikes in water salinity.

It Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Winter weather is dreary, grey, drab and dull. When your paved surfaces aren’t white with snow, they will appear dulled and grey. Overcast skies and salt stained roads all contribute to feeling the negative winter blahs. You can’t do anything to change the awful winter weather, but you can improve the look of your paved surfaces by sweeping. Aesthetics make a difference in how your business is perceived. You never get a second chance to make that great first impression.

Preserves Property Values

Regular sweeping will greatly enhance the exterior appearance of your parking lot, and by proxy, your overall business. If in the future you elect to sell the property, a potential buyer is not going to want to take on the significant expense of repairing or repaving a badly neglected parking lot. Regular maintenance through sweeping helps ensure an easier future sale transaction.

Call or click Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today to learn more about how regular pavement sweeping services could impact all of your paved surfaces for the better.