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Pristine Parking Garages

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Let’s be honest: the last time you really analyzed a parking garage was… when? Parking garage maintenance is usually an afterthought for most property managers and owners. Unfortunately, when you neglect your parking garage, it shows. Slow down, take a few minutes and dive into the details that lead to pristine parking garages.

Litter, Litter, Everywhere!

Parking garages tend to collect more litter than other paved surfaces. Possibly, patrons do not feel guilty littering when they are not in full view of the public. The covering of a parking garage is friend to those trying to get out of the weather; it is a foe of those seeking to be environmentally responsible. Take a walk or slow drive through your parking garages at several times during the day. Note areas where litter collects. You may need to add a a few well-placed trash cans to prevent littering. When trash cans are a quick walk away, patrons tend to utilize them more often. If additional trash cans won’t cut it, talk to us about adding day porter services. We can hand-pick litter and change trash bags during business hours. Clean and ready trash cans encourage patrons to use them, rather than the ground as their disposal.

What’s All This Junk?!

Straw wrappers, soda bottles, and discarded masks are bad enough. However, upon your inspection of your parking garage, you may find larger debris lingering. Seemingly due to the private nature of parking garages, people drop off their junk in these hidden areas. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is here to help. From wooden pallets to mattresses and everything in between, we will haul away the unsightly junk for you. Ask us to add this to your regular sweeping service. We can note the junk on our daily sweep of your property and remove it promptly. Contact us today to discuss details of junk and large debris removal.

Safety First!

Maybe you weren’t expecting safety to be on our list. Sweeping and cleaning is key to a pristine parking garage; however if your parking garage isn’t safe, it contributes to a poor reputation for your entire property. Patrons usually enjoy the weather-proof nature of a parking garage; however, many people avoid them for safety reasons. Make sure your parking garages are well-lit and frequently monitored. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can notify you of any lights that are out when we sweep your garage. Additionally, we can note signs of loitering, graffiti, and other safety concerns. We will discuss these with you quickly and make a plan to restore the safety of your lot.

Graffiti Be Gone!

Let’s take a minute to talk specifically about graffiti. You may think that small marking in your parking garage is no big deal. However, you need to take action to remove it immediately. Unsightly graffiti invites more graffiti or other types of vandalism. Soon, that small graffiti marking will grow and you will have a major cleaning project on your hands. Why not call Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning right now? We will handle the graffiti and have your parking garage sparkling in no time.

Pristine parking garages are no accident. They are the result of an intentional and specific plan laid out by experts. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today to clean all of your parking garages in the D.C. Metro area. Call (703) 684-1095 to get started.