Why NAPSA Membership?

Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro Official Street Sweeping Services.

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PO Box 10740
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5221 Franconia Road
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Why NAPSA Membership?

NAPSA Logo North American Power Sweeping Association

You have seen it on our website: the NAPSA logo. You may be asking “what is this organization, and why NAPSA membership?” We are here to answer those questions for you. NAPSA is the nation’s largest association of professional sweepers and is one of our greatest professional growth resources. We want you to know why we value the North American Power Sweeping Association so much. So let’s dive in!


In any industry, it is important to know like-minded businesses. These businesses encourage each other toward excellence in their skill and service. And the power sweeping industry is no different. Membership in NAPSA informs and encourages us in best practices. Other industry leaders sharpen us and we sharpen others as well! This community of power sweepers shares new ideas with regularity. Therefore, we become better partners for you because we are partners with each other.


As you well know, technology changes constantly! At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, we want to use the latest technology available in our industry. NAPSA is a fantastic resource for us as we seek to do this. NAPSA has developed fantastic online training and technological resources for us to utilize. Additionally, networking through NAPSA allows us to learn about fresh technologies from industry partners right as they hit the market. We can then apply these technological advances to the work we do for you every day to serve you with excellence.

Code of Ethics

All NAPSA members adhere to a strict code of ethics. You can read the full description of the code of ethics here. As members, we are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence. We are truthful in our advertising, proposal, and estimates and professional in job completion and invoicing. We are thorough in our training and care for our employees, offering fair pay and safe working conditions. You can trust that a NAPSA member will be ethical in all business practices; therefore, you can trust that we will be ethical in completing your specific job requirements.

National Pavement Expo

NAPSA provides a yearly professional growth event called the National Pavement Expo (NPE). NPE gives all NAPSA members the opportunity to grow through multiple venues. Round table discussions allow us to share ideas. Fresh speakers give us insights into new aspects of the sweeping industry. Best practice sessions keep us sharp with continuing education. The NPE show floor allows us to see and touch new equipment and technologies! We also have the opportunity meet with vendors in person. These relationships enhance our ability to find the best partners in the industry. The NPE enriches us so we can enrich our service to you: our valuable customer.

Now you have had glimpse into our love for NAPSA! We are so thankful for our membership in this fantastic organization and all the benefits it brings directly to you as our customer. You may not see all the behind the scenes interactions and training; however, you feel the results in the high quality work you receive from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. Your D.C. Metro area properties receive the highest quality care from us partially due to our NAPSA membership!