Sweeping Your City Streets

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Sweeping Your City Streets

A sweeper truck sweeping a city street while another worker in a safety vest and hard hat operates a blower to remove litter and debris

When you think of your city, a plethora of issues may come to mind. Maybe you are responsible for the infrastructure maintenance. Or maybe you are in charge of parks and recreation. Possibly, you are on the city development committee. No matter your role, you are reading a blog about city or municipality streets. It is safe to assume you are more than the average commuter coming and going each day. You care deeply about the appearance, longevity, overall reputation, and growth of your city. Luckily, sweeping your city streets helps address all of these concerns. So, let’s take a few minutes to chat about how that works.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving…

Or, they may reflect a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Just like a really great theater production, a lot is going on behind the scenes of an incredible city. Street sweeping is the hidden component your city or municipality MUST have in place. The streets literally will not clean themselves. Without street sweeping, debris and trash linger for many days or maybe weeks. Debris collects in curbs, giving an unkempt appearance and inviting more litter. In an article written regarding the city of Philadelphia, “clean and safe” are paired and equated. Don’t you want your city streets in the Greater D.C. Metro area to declare “clean and safe”? Partner with us at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to make sure they do!

Do Your Streets Age In Dog Years?…

Or do they age like a fine wine? Un-swept particles you cannot even see will worm their way into crevices in your pavement. Debris and spills wear on the surface of your asphalt and cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Street sweeping removes the debris, spills, and particles and leaves clean pavement. The life of your pavement depends on this cleaning process. When properly employed, street sweeping maintains sturdy pavement, free from potholes and cracks. Call us to discuss your exact frequency of sweeping needs. We will create a plan that fits your budget and extends the life of your pavement.

Reputation and Growth Strategy

What is your city known for? The reputation of your municipality will either push people away or draw them in. If your city streets are covered in litter, your reputation will detract from your growth. But with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning on your side, your reputation can lead the way in your growth as a city. Street sweeping makes your streets not only cleaner, but also greener. Street sweeping is a means of protecting wildlife and the environment at large. We stop debris in its tracks before it has the chance to make it to the waterways.

So what do you say? Are you ready to make street sweeping a part of your plan for your city streets? The care you provide for your streets in the Greater D.C. Metro area is vital. The appearance, longevity, reputation, and growth of your municipality depend on street sweeping. So, contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today, and ask us to sweep your city streets!