Summer Pavement Strategy

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Summer Pavement Strategy

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Summer is upon us! The college students have gone home, high schools are letting out, and tourist season is beginning. The past two summers have been, well, bummers. That makes this Summer an opportunity to visit destinations that have been off-limits for two years. Your properties in the D.C. Metro area are sure to be on the list! The good news is you have Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning on your side to help you think through the necessary preparations. With the right summer pavement strategy, you will be prepared for the increase in traffic and heat.

Strategize Crack Fill

An uptick in traffic leaves pavement worse for the wear. The cracks that are in your pavement now may not hold up through a summer of tourist travel. Your parking lot may host a gas station, grocery store, or major tourist attraction; no matter, the result of unkempt cracks is the same — failing pavement. Fortunately crack fill is a simple job that lands right within our expertise. The Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning team will bid, schedule, and fulfill your crack fill needs. Summer heat, traffic, & pedestrians will not stand a chance against our work.

Strategize Repairs

Some cracks in your pavement have already become, well, potholes. We know, we know, you hate that word. That is why we are here to expertly and quickly repair them and leave you with beautiful pavement. You may be fearful of shutting down a portion of your lot for repairs. Let us strategize with you about the best time to schedule these repairs. Even in the busiest of tourist seasons, all parking lots have an ebb and flow to traffic. We can schedule your repairs during quieter hours, causing minimal disruption to visitors. Additionally, we use a method called infrared repair, which is much quicker than your typical repair. Our efficiency is key to keeping your parking lot up and running this summer.

Strategize Seal Coating

If you are familiar with parking lot or pavement maintenance, you may have been expecting this topic. Seal coating naturally follows crack fill and repair. However, you won’t need to schedule seal coating every time you make repairs. When applied at the proper time, sealing extends the life of your pavement, saving you thousands of dollars. If you are unsure when your parking lot is due for sealing, Atlantic is here to help! Our expert team will assess your lot and determine the proper time to seal.

Strategize Sweeping

If you are not already one of our regular parking lot sweeping customers, now is a great time to become one. If you are, now is a great time to assess your summer sweeping needs. Remember that ebb and flow we talked about earlier? Keep an eye on it to see if it shifts as the tourists roll in. As it does, give us a call to add sweeps after particularly busy days, weekends, or weeks. We will help ensure your parking lot is repaired and clean all throughout the tourist season. With Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning strategizing your pavement maintenance, this summer will be a breeze. Take a long weekend, or heck, a whole week off. We’ve got this.