Give Thanks For Clean Parking Lots

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Give Thanks For Clean Parking Lots

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November is the month for giving thanks, and you have a lot on your mind. Family gatherings take center stage. Work requires last-quarter wrap-ups and planning for the new year budgets and goals. You fit holiday shopping and prep into lunch breaks and late nights. The last thing you need to think about is a filthy parking lot. So leave that to us! Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning will manage your parking lot sweeping; you will give thanks for clean parking lots all month long and beyond!

Give Thanks for Maintenance Sweeping

If you do not have regular parking lot sweeping scheduled, now is the time to remedy that! We can provide weekly maintenance sweeping to keep your lot free of litter. Have you ever tried to go holiday shopping and stepped out of your car onto a littered lot? Kind of turns your stomach right? Regular parking lot sweeping ensures that your lot is presentable for shoppers this holiday season and beyond. Sweeping also removes small particulates that can harm the environment. Without maintenance sweeping, these build up and eventually make their way into streams and waterways. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning will work with you to create a sweeping schedule that keeps your lot pristine! You will give thanks for maintenance sweeping!

Give Thanks for Special Sweeping

This time of year everything is “special.” Special sales, special events, special gatherings… the list goes on! It is important to be sure that you have scheduled “special sweeps” to match! Special sweeps are those sweeps that you schedule in addition to your regular maintenance sweeping. When we create your sweeping schedule, it accounts for normal traffic flow, not the amount of traffic that comes with sales, events and gatherings. Request a list of upcoming sales, events, and gatherings that your tenants are hosting this month. Consider these as a starting point:

  • Veterans Day Sales
  • Thanksgiving week food shopping
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Giving Tuesday

Your tenants may have other days they emphasize to draw a crowd as well. Any day that you expect greater than average crowds is a good time for a special sweep. You will give thanks for special sweeping!

Give Thanks for Large Debris Removal

Loiterers are attracted to major sales events. Consider how many people “camp out” before Black Friday! With loiterers comes large debris that cannot be swept away. After the event or sale, you are left with pallets, mattresses, cardboard, and more! When you schedule your special sweeps, remember to ask our team to remove all large debris. We offer this service to our clients to relieve you of the burden of removing it yourself. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning will remove all large debris and junk quickly. You will give thanks for debris removal!

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is happy to care for your parking lots in Virginia, Maryland, and Metro D.C. We give thanks for the opportunity to serve you. Providing a pristine parking lot is our passion, after all! So contact us today so you can enjoy the sales, events, and gatherings, and give thanks for clean parking lots!