Introducing Our New High Dump Air Sweeper

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Introducing Our New High Dump Air Sweeper

What Is a High Dump Air Sweeper?

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. is pleased to announce our acquisition of a new Tymco 500x high dump air sweeper, which has been put to immediate use in providing our sweeping and cleaning services. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, Inc. is the only Street Sweeping company in Virginia that owns a High Dump Air Sweeper. At the moment, it is seeing its second week of use in fulfilling the Interstate 66 Highway Sweeping contract that was awarded to us once again, which is expected to be completed in two more weeks’ time. Once 66 is complete, it will be used in our other municipal contracts.

Why Should You Be Interested in a High Dump Air Sweeper?

Like its name suggests, a high dump air sweeper is capable of lifting its hopper up to 12 feet in the air and then dumping its contents into a waiting container or dump truck to its side. This is in stark contrast to its low dump counterparts, which dump the contents of their hoppers onto the ground, which is not just inefficient, but ineffective.

After all, the contents dumped onto the ground will have to be picked up by some other machine before it can be transported away for waste disposal, meaning that it adds an extra step to the sweeping process. In contrast, a high dump air sweeper eliminates this step altogether, thus saving both the contractor and the client much time and effort. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the contents tend to be dumped onto areas that see significant traffic on a daily basis, meaning that they will either disrupt the use of the business’s premises or be tracked all over those premises once again. In the first case, this can be a serious inconvenience to the client’s regular revenue-earning operations, while in the second case, this can be extremely counter-productive to the intended goals of the client’s decision to hire a contractor for their sweeping and cleaning needs.

Summed up, a high dump air sweeper means more efficient and more effective results than their low dump counterparts when it comes to sweeping, which should interest you if you are intent on maximizing the benefits from your sweeping and cleaning costs. In a highway sweeping operation, this means that once the sweeper is full, a dump truck can pull up next to the sweeper in a safe place on the road and can dump the debris it just picked up. Then the sweeper can continue right where it left off and the dump truck can make a run to the landfill while the sweepers are doing what they do best, sweeping Having the use of high dump sweepers in our highway contracts increases sweeping productivity 3 hours per night. Something that you should consider the next time that you are choosing a contractor to take care of the sweeping and cleaning for your premises.

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If you are interested in learning more about our new high dump air sweeper as well as the rest of our sweeping and cleaning services for businesses, please contact us at your earliest convenience. By speaking with us, you can become fully-informed about all of your options so that you can choose the one that is best-suited to your needs and circumstances, thus ensuring the maximum benefit from your sweeping and cleaning costs.