The Warmer Weather Brings the Need for Professional Exterior Maintenance Services

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The Warmer Weather Brings the Need for Professional Exterior Maintenance Services

With the advent of warmer weather there comes a need to spruce up exterior areas of commercial businesses, and residential areas as well as general upkeep and maintenance of parking lots and other open spaces that tend to accumulate debris and other materials that need to be removed. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning can take care of most exterior property maintenance jobs that need to be done in a professional, dependable and timely fashion.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning offers its many years of experience in the field and the efforts of their trained professional staff to keep your parking lot, municipal street system or construction site free of debris and clutter. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning will provide the service you have come to expect within any time frame you require whether it be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Services in some instances are offered 24 hours a day, every day.

In addition to sweeping services, Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning provides a myriad of other exterior cleaning and maintenance services such as the following:

Pressure Washing: If you need to project a professional image and make a first good impression with anyone coming to your place of business, pressure washing services can provide what you desire, as well as remove unsightly graffiti that has been painted where it does not belong. Our pressure washing services can be customized to whatever your needs may be. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning believes in protecting our planet and we use environmentally compatible chemicals that do not harm our natural surroundings, habitats and other sensitive areas.

Junk Removal: If you need fast and efficient removal of junk and other debris resulting from construction projects or illegal dumping of trash and other material, Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning can help and respond as expeditiously as possible in order to prevent assessment of fines or other such related fees that may be incurred. We can also haul away debris from well attended special events, as well as trash and other materials resulting from cleanups of rental properties upon departure of the tenants.

Line Striping and Repair Services: Most businesses need to have their parking areas or garages free of impediments and deficiencies such as potholes that may cause a liability issue or just general services to keep these areas looking fresh such as line painting, stenciling, curb painting, placement of directional markings or any such other necessary aesthetic improvements needed. We can also seal coat your parking area to protect it from the elements and from the daily wear and tear resulting from normal operating procedures and hours of operation.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is much more than just sweeping services. We are a multi-purpose company than can handle just about any exterior property maintenance job that needs to be done in a professional and timely manner. Give us a call, let us know what you need done and we’ll provide a free estimate for you.