New Year, New Plan 2023!

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New Year, New Plan 2023!

2023 flip calendar

Happy New Year! As celebrations wind down and 2022 is fully in the rear-view mirror, we look both behind and ahead. It’s a new year, you need a new plan for 2023! What went well last year? What would you like to go better in the new year? While you have likely done some personal reflecting, make sure you also take a minute or two to reflect on your property maintenance. Get your calendar out, because we are going to take this month-by-month. New year, new plan 2023!


Has your property recovered from the holidays? Likely, you can look around and note how it may be worse for the wear. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to remove junk or large debris left behind by shoppers and NYE party-goers. Schedule an extra sweep while you’re at it. A thorough cleaning will set you on the right track for 2023 success.


Love is in the air, as we anticipate additional visitors to restaurants and shops for their special evening. Prepare with an extra sweep before the big night. Additionally, check for needed repairs in high traffic areas. Address these before they become an issue, ruining that romantic evening.


March is a busy month! We catch glimpses of Spring, March Madness takes over restaurants & bars, stores fill up with Spring Break shoppers. Make sure you are prepped for all the extra business coming to your property. Schedule extra sweeps, check your lighting, and call us for repairs. Don’t let March catch you off guard!


Spring is in the air, and sealcoating season is approaching! The weather will dictate when sealing can begin, but make sure you have your quotes submitted by now. We will schedule your property’s sealcoating to suit your calendar needs this Spring or Summer, but it’s first come first serve.


Memorial Day Sales will have your retail stores brimming with customers. Prepare with extra sweeps those last two weeks of May. Check in with your tenants to find out if they are running additional events with their sales.


Summer travel is picking up now. Potholes in your pavement are a big problem. Contact one of our experts to meet with you on your property and make a plan for pothole repair. Don’t wait another day, risking damage to vehicles that travel your lot.


We should not even have to say it: schedule extra sweeps! Between Independence Day gatherings, fireworks, and back-to-school sales beginning this month, July will fill your retail lots! Focus on Sweeping in July.


Speaking of sweeping, August brings a shift in schedule for most people. So it should be for your parking lot. If you find your traffic flow changes due to back-to-school traffic, talk to us about adding, dropping, or changing the time of your sweeps.


Leaves, leaves, leaves! They will soon begin to fall, and you want to have a plan in place when they do. Talk to our experts about creating a Leaf Sweeping plan. When those leaves begin to gather, you will be glad you did!


Holiday property prep is the name of the game in October. Think through how each of the upcoming holidays will affect the businesses on your property. What needs will arise as trunk-or-treat gatherings take over your parking lot or shoppers infiltrate your stores? Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can address all your needs in the D.C. Metro area.


By now, all your repairs should be done. Sweeping scheduled, and special sweeps added. Focus on your snow plan. Contact us today to make Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning your snow removal partner for the 23-24 Winter season!


What a year! Before you hang it up for the Holidays, now is a great time to begin reflecting and planning for 2024! In fact, you can submit your requests for bids now so we can have you first on our schedule in the new year. You will be starting off ahead of the game when you return from the Holidays.

Whew! That’s a lot to think about. Keep Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning by your side this year; we will help ensure your lot stays in pristine condition. It’s a New Year, and with a new plan in 2023, you are ready for success!