The Nice List

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The Nice List

Santa Claus holding his list of good children

Making a list, checking it twice! Better find out which parking lots are naughty, and which are nice. Ok, so maybe Santa doesn’t rate or give gifts to parking lots. However, your parking lots are always being assessed and rated. By whom? Customers, of course! Whether they even realize they are doing it, potential customers are visually assessing your lot. They tend to decide where they shop based partially on appearance. If your lot looks abandoned or unkempt, they’ll probably go somewhere else to shop or eat. Take a minute or two to consider a few parking lot woes that will put you on the naughty list and how to stay on the nice list!


No, not candy cane stripes. We are talking about parking lot stripes. Your striping is one of the most visible indicators of care… or lack thereof. You may have spent a lot of time on the interior and exterior building. Maybe you have even put out new signage. However, if your parking lot striping is worn or non-existent, a drive by customer may assume you are not open. In addition to appearance improvement, good striping provides for safe traffic flow and parking. Stay off the parking lot naughty list, and call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to re-stripe your lot.


Striping is important. Yet, all the updated striping in the world will not make up for a trashed lot. Make sure your parking lots are swept regularly and increase sweeps during high-traffic seasons. Customers are drawn to a clean lot and despise a dirty one. Who wants to step over used straws and plastic bags on their way to grab a bite to eat? File that under “not appetizing.” Sweeping also helps prevent pollution, which we talk about here. So, stay off the naughty list for both customers and the EPA this Christmas. Keep a clean parking lot with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We will schedule regular sweeps in your lot and additional sweeps as needed to keep your lot nice and prisitine!


Parking lot owners and managers never want to hear the words “slip and fall.” What are you doing to prevent accidents in your lot? Slip and falls generally are associated with snow and ice. We have you covered there! Atlantic has been removing snow since 1977! Call us now so you will be on our list for snow and ice prep and removal before the need arises. Another cause of slip and falls is divots and potholes in your pavement. Many people put off pavement repair this time of year due to poor weather conditions. At Atlantic, we are happy to assess those repair needs now! And though we can not make a repair in a blizzard, we will schedule your repairs as soon as weather permits! 

Enjoy your holidays knowing your parking lot list has been checked twice. All it takes is one phone call to Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We will take care of all your lot needs to look pristine all year round.