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Seal Coating, Striping & Sweeping

Line Striping Services in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Roanoke

Apart from greatly enhancing the appearance of your parking lot, sealcoating is the most important and effective regular maintenance to protect your investment. Sealcoating applied over asphalt helps protect against daily wear and destructive elements. Sealcoating is by far the most cost effective way to avoid unnecessary repair costs by protecting your pavement from the sun’s rays, snow, ice and salt. It will also protect your asphalt from hazardous chemicals such as gas and oil. While the attractive black finish it adds to your asphalt is wonderful, sealcoating also makes sweeping and cleaning much easier. Did you know that sealcoating costs a small fraction of the cost of repaving? Investing in regular sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt considerably, which saves you even more money over time.

Attractive and visible line striping is also a very important element in a parking lot. Properly executed striping creates directional flow and provides a significantly stronger safety factor to your parking lot. In the absence of well executed striping, cars can simply drive wherever they want. This can also happen due to a poor striping layout, or poor quality striping that fades away quickly. Line striping should always consider safety first, followed by functionality.

It is imperative that handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked and follow all ADA requirements. You must also make sure that fire lanes are properly marked and clear. Striping should also include stop bars at all stop signs. When all the safety elements have been addressed, make sure you draw your outline to provide as many appropriately sized parking spaces as possible. Not sure if your parking lot is designed right? Call or click Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We will happily provide our expertise regarding what would work best in your particular parking lot.

No discussion of parking lot pavement maintenance would be complete without mentioning that regular sweeping and cleaning is absolutely critical to maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your parking lot. Your line striping, seal coating, and pavement itself will all last longer, and you will save significantly over the long term life of your pavement. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today for the details.

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