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Sweeping & Pervious Pavement Solutions

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Inc, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. Official Street Sweeping and Power Sweeping Services Provider with a Tymco 600 Regenerative Air Sweeper

Storm water runoff poses many risky implications on city infrastructure. Property owners and developers are under pressure to seek innovative ways to effectively manage runoff to comply with federal & state environmental regulations and local ordinances.

A cost-effective solution introduces the integration of permeable pavement as an infiltration system. It is essential to understand that upkeep of these new systems is a little different from that of traditional pavement materials used in surfaces for parking lots, driveways, alleys, footpaths, and etc.

Stormwater runoff contributes a large amount of water to our storm sewer systems. In many older cities, sewage and stormwater runoff share the same underground pipe systems. This unfortunately means that sewage overflow can flow into local rivers and streams.

Permeable Paved Surfaces

Permeable Pavement is an excellent solution to stormwater management and has the additional benefit of providing for increased safety in extreme weather conditions such as flooding or freezing temperatures.

Three types of permeable surfaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst property owners and developers as a solution to the runoff crisis. They are: 

  • Porous asphalt
  • Porous concrete
  • Interlocking paver blocks

Permeable pavement is highly porous – thus, susceptible to complications from a host of different factors. If proper maintenance and cleaning techniques are not implemented, the sustainability of these materials will be substantially reduced over time.

Adequate measures must be taken to maintain such porous materials, or they run the risk of losing efficacy. Loss of efficacy will render its original purpose meaningless.

Cleaning porous asphalt or concrete can be challenging when traditional methods of cleaning non-porous surfaces are enlisted. Unlike traditional pavement, these surfaces are comprised of multiple layers. As water drains from the surface, the drainage process will continue from a sub-layer. These layers filter pollutants from the water, causing the accumulation of debris in pervious spaces.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Can Help

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is well-equipped with the highest performing power sweeping vehicles that are ideal for cleaning surfaces made of porous pavement. Professional pervious pavement services are provided through a combination of power pressure washing and thorough sweeping. Enlisting the services of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will ensure these pervious pavement filtration systems are performing at their very best.

We offer experienced personnel that provide fast, reliable service that eliminates much of the fine debris and sediments that can clog pervious surfaces. Routine cleaning of porous pavement will prevent buildup of debris such as silt, cement derivative, decomposed plant matter. This will restore proper drainage.

Porous pavement systems are ideal when seeking the best water flow management practice. These systems are easily sustained, and a cost-effective solution to reducing runoff. The success of these pervious drainage systems are highly contingent on the adoption of routine maintenance and cleaning practices. The services offered by Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning meet these requirements.

If you have questions about porous pavement systems and the best management practices for maintenance, we can help. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today!